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What’s Included In Corporate Personal Training

A personal trainer will come to your office and lead team workouts with the staff. These workouts will be designed based on your fitness needs and goals utilizing your own equipment, and coach your team through your workouts on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Corporate Personal Training

Offering this benefit to your employees encourages them to stay fit and healthy, leading them to be more productive in the workplace. It’s also a great recruiting technique to get some of the best talent, you have to offer them the best, and what better way to do so than to offer them a free workout through your business.

What Should You Expect In Your First Corporate Personal Training

If this is your first time ever working out with Peak Physique, you should expect to get a free consultation and free fitness evaluation. During our free fitness evaluation, we will go over your fitness goals and come up with a customized workout plan. We like to think of our first session together a first date. At Peak Physique we want to make sure you enjoy working out with our personal trainers, and that you feel comfortable working out together.

Our certified personal trainer will come out to your office and lead a team workout session. Each time we lead a session we will gradually get harder and harder and scale the workouts up to ensure that people are getting a good full workout.

Ready To Get Started?

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Clients can be assured that their experience at Peak Physique won’t be judgmental, competitive, or intimidating. Instead, you’ll find our fitness studio to be friendly, encouraging, motivating and supportive from trainer-to-client as well as client-to-client.


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