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Our one-on-one personal training is perfect for people looking to get serious about their health and fitness.

What’s Included In One-On-One Personal Training

In our One-On-One personal training sessions, one client works with one personal trainer for the entire session. The client receives the personal trainer’s undivided attention for the entire session and is the only client the personal trainer takes care of during that time slot.

Benefits Of One-On-One Personal Training

One-On-One training benefits individuals who are just starting out, have specific goals in mind, prefer more intensity in their workout, or require more focus and individualized attention.

Whether you workout twice a week or every single day, there are many benefits a one-on-one personal trainer can provide you:

– Motivation to keep going

– Safer exercises

– Continuous progress

– Supportive environment

– Specialized programs

– So much more!

What Should You Expect In Your First One-On-One Personal Training Session

If this is your first time ever working out with Peak Physique, you should expect to get a free consultation and a free fitness evaluation. During our free fitness evaluation, we will review your fitness goals and devise a customized workout plan. We like to think of our first session together as a first date. At Peak Physique, we want to make sure you enjoy working out with our personal trainers and that you feel comfortable working out together.

If you’re a current Peak Physique client and are looking to switch to more personalized, one-on-one training sessions, you can expect our first session together to be more intense than some of our other training services.

How Much Is One-on-One Personal Training

The cost depends on how often you come in each week and month. While one-on-one training works great for many people, we have other services that still offer you a customized workout but at a lower price.

Learn more about our services to see which is right for you.

Contact us to see how much your one-on-one personal training services will cost.

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Clients can be assured that their experience at Peak Physique won’t be judgmental, competitive, or intimidating. Instead, you’ll find our fitness studio to be friendly, encouraging, motivating and supportive from trainer-to-client as well as client-to-client.


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