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What’s Included In Sport Specific Personal Training

Whether you are training for your first triathlon or recovering from an injury, the certified personal trainers at Peak Physique can help. With training designed specifically for the demands of your sport, you’ll increase your performance, gain a competitive advantage and help prevent injury.

Benefits Of Sport Specific Personal Training

With sport specific personal training you’re going to be working out with a specific goal in mind, and we can help train you to reach those goals. Goals for athletes usually include: flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, power, agility, reaction, balance, speed, injury prevention, and pre- or post-rehabilitation.

What Should You Expect In Your First Sport Specific Personal Training Session

If this is your first time ever working out with Peak Physique, you should expect to get a free consultation and free fitness evaluation. During our free fitness evaluation, we will go over your fitness goals and come up with a customized workout plan. We like to think of our first session together a first date. At Peak Physique we want to make sure you enjoy working out with our personal trainers, and that you feel comfortable working out together.

If you’re a current Peak Physique client and are looking to switch to a sport specific personal training plan, you can expect our first session together to be more focused on workouts that are going to benefit the specific sport you’re working out for. You’re still going to get a well-rounded workout, just specific to your sport.

Our client, Josh who is a professional baseball player, trains with us to help him stay in shape for his season, but that’s not the only sport we can train for.

We can help athletes train for football, baseball, lacrosse, track, basketball, hockey, wrestling, soccer, tennis, and so many more!

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Clients can be assured that their experience at Peak Physique won’t be judgmental, competitive, or intimidating. Instead, you’ll find our fitness studio to be friendly, encouraging, motivating and supportive from trainer-to-client as well as client-to-client.


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