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You’re more likely to achieve your fitness goals when you commit to a training program that continuously challenges you.

At Peak Physique, we’re excited to offer a subscription-based personal training model to help you get the most out of your exercises.

What Is Our Commitment-Based Personal Training Model?

Our commitment-based personal training model offers you high-quality workout sessions at a discounted rate for committing to training with us for six months.

While the price is lessened, the workout certainly isn’t. You still work with a personal trainer each session, and we help you reach your unique goals.

It’s everything you get from a regular personal trainer, just at a lower price!

How Much Is The Subscription Personal Training Model?

The cost will vary depending on your unique service.

Our subscription personal training model is offered for all of our services, so give us a call to see how much you could save by working out with Peak Physique today!

Benefits of Subscribing To Personal Training Services

Why would you want to subscribe to personal training services? Well, there are many reasons:

– Saves money

– Keeps motivation high

– Makes it more likely you’ll reach your goals

– Guaranteed workout slots

– So much more!

Learn more about why a personal training subscription is right for you!

Commit To Personal Training Today

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Take the plunge and commit to personal training today. We’re excited to help you start and stick to a training program.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us to get started today.

Clients can be assured that their experience at Peak Physique won’t be judgmental, competitive, or intimidating. Instead, you’ll find our fitness studio to be friendly, encouraging, motivating and supportive from trainer-to-client as well as client-to-client.


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