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Joshua Skorupski

Hi, I’m Joshua Skorupski, and I’m Personal Trainer At Peak Physique. I’ve been a personal trainer at Peak Physique for just over a year and received my certification from the National Personal Training Institute.

Favorite Personal Training Moments

My favorite part about being a personal trainer is helping people realize what their bodies are capable of!

I even had the opportunity to help one of my friends start their journey into lifting weights and living a healthier lifestyle. It’s rewarding to see the hard work my clients and I put in pay off.

Why I Like Training

I get to move around a lot, which is good for me. And I like to lift heavy things! This career is a good fit for me and my personality and abilities.

Fitness also helps give me control over at least one part of my life. And it’s always fun for me to lift heavy things.

Why I’m A Trainer

I want to become a health coach. To be able to provide as many well-rounded health/wellness related services to people in need of guidance. I’ve been a massage therapist for over 5 years and training was the next natural step in my career path.

My Advice To People Who Want To Workout

Trust the process. I won’t lie, it can be long and frustrating at times. But with the right people to help guide and support you on your journey, it can be a blast!

Get To Know Your Trainer

My Family

I don’t have any pets and I am hoping to have kids one day. y

My Hobbies

I like Photography, wire sculptures, rollerblading, reading, video games, and space/technology.

A Little More About Me

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I love to help whenever I can. And if I don’t know the answer to something, I will find out for you, or we can find out together.