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Kassadi Snyder

Kassadi Snyder

Hi, I’m Kassadi Snyder, Personal Trainer at Peak Physique. I’ve been training since April 2022, and I’ve been with Peak Physique since October 2022. I received my NASM & FAI certifications.

Favorite Personal Training Moments

One of the best parts of being a personal trainer is helping clients find ways to exercise around their injuries. When someone comes in and is worried about being able to train, I love being the encouragement they need to start training. It makes me proud to watch clients reach their fitness goals, despite any injuries or setbacks they’ve had.

Why I Like Training

There’s something special about being part of the reason why someone reaches their goals. Especially when they previously didn’t think something was possible.

I’m also constantly able to learn and grow in this field. Every day I find new ways to help my clients.

Why I’m A Trainer

Exercising and working out has always helped me feel better physically, and mentally. I love learning about fitness and health, and how it plays a role in our lives.

I knew I had to take my passion for fitness, and my desire to learn and grow every day and help others do the same. It’s important to me to stay healthy physically and mentally, and I love helping others do the same.

My Advice To People Who Want To Workout

Everyone at any age or ability can exercise and gain a healthier lifestyle. Reaching your goals can take time, but being dedicated and determined will help you get there.

Also, you’re not alone! I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Get To Know Your Trainer

When I’m not in the gym exercising for myself, or helping others train you’ll find me playing softball, painting, and shopping.