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Lissa Pietrykowski

Lissa Pietrykowski Peak Physique Owner

Hi, I’m Lissa Pietrykowski, Co-Owner and Personal Trainer At Peak Physique. I’ve been training since Fall 2014 and received my certification from the National Personal Training Institute. I also have a BS in Biology from U of M.

Favorite Personal Training Moments

My favorite part about being a trainer because I’m able to help our clients do things they don’t think they’re able to do. I love helping someone that has thought for the rest of their life that they’d have lower back pains, find themself to be pain-free for the first time in years after working with us. I enjoy getting to know our clients, learn about their lives, and help with their struggles. I take a lot of pride in watching people reach their goals, especially when I’m able to help them.

One of the most rewarding moments from being a personal trainer came when I was speaking with on f our clients and she said “I used to think ‘ugh…I have to go to the gym and workout.’.  Since I’ve been coming to Peak I think ‘Yay! I get to go see my friends at the gym and exercise!’.”

Being the reason someone wants to workout makes everything I do worth it.

Why I Like Training

I like the challenge of being a trainer and that no two days ever look the same. I love getting to know our clients and figuring out the best way to work with them to achieve their goals. Fitness is not one size fits all and a challenge for us to find the right way to help each and every client no matter how different from each other they may be.

Why I’m A Trainer

I had thyroid cancer in 2012 and went through a period of not being in control of my body or my life. I couldn’t take care of my family without help. I knew that cancer wasn’t something I could control but I would take control of what I could and that was taking care of myself and my health. What better way to stay healthy and fit than helping others do the same?

Fitness is the gift I give to myself. I have four kids and a business I run with my husband. Fitness is my sanity and my escape and it makes me feel proud and strong.

My Advice To People Who Want To Workout

I’d say make sure to interview your trainer and ask for a trial one-hour workout. I think it’s absolutely critical to trust and believe in your trainer and be comfortable with your workouts. Do not commit to something you are unsure about. There are so many different types of exercise and not all are appropriate for every situation. Make sure your trainer knows what’s best for your situation.


Get To Know Your Trainer

My Family

I have four kids! Trent is 16 years old, and the proud owner of a leopard gecko. Meggie is 14 years old, a basketball player, and makes me laugh every single day. Jilli is 12 years old, a basketball player, and is the biggest Stranger Things fan I’ve ever met. Cole is 7, loves to talk, sing, dance, play, and is obsessed with dinosaurs. We have a brown anole and a leopard gecko that hold down the fort while we are out and about with our busy kids.

My Hobbies

I like to exercise, ride my bike, hang out with my family, and once a long time ago I loved to read and someday my books and I will be reunited.  🙂

A Little More About Me

I believe that relationships only work with strong communication and that includes the trainer/client relationship. You won’t hurt my feelings by telling me how you feel-ever. I’d rather be able to communicate with you because that’s how you’re going to reach your goals. I promise to do my very best to help you get there and will tell you exactly what I think you need to do.