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Lissa Pietrykowski Peak Physique Owner

Lissa Pietrykowski

Co-Owner and Personal Trainer

One of the most rewarding moments from being a personal trainer came when I was speaking with one of our clients and she said “I used to think ‘ugh…I have to go to the gym and workout.’.  Since I’ve been coming to Peak I think ‘Yay! I get to go see my friends at the gym and exercise!’.”

Being the reason someone wants to workout makes everything I do worth it.

Nick Pietrykowski

Co-Owner and Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Nick Pietrykowski, Co-Owner and Personal Trainer at Peak Physique.

Nick Pietrykowski Peak Physique Owner
Peak Physique Christian Dawkins Personal Trainer

Christian Dawkins

Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Christian Dawkins, a personal trainer at Peak Physique. I’m excited to help you reach your goals, learn what it’s like to work with me today!